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Electrolux Refrigerators Price List in India

as on 25th July 2021
Updated On: 25th July 2021
Electrolux Refrigerators Keeps Food Cool and Convenient
Are you looking for a single door refrigerator that you can pair with a freezer for a custom look? Do you want a double door or side-by-side refrigerator that is affordably priced with some of today's best cooling technology included? With Electrolux refrigerators, you'll find that a luxury experience is highly affordable! With the ability to keep food cool and convenient so you can keep your items fresher for longer, the value ratio of this brand is higher than you'll find in Hitachi refrigerators or even Panasonic refrigerators.
How Could an Electrolux Refrigerator Help Your Home Today?
Electrolux refrigerators make a wonderful visual impact and this first impression is backed up by the outstanding features that you'll find with every model. It's the same inspiration that you'll find behind an Electrolux washing machine and their other home appliances! By offering a stylish home appliance, life becomes just a little bit easier. With the soft freeze door bin included in certain multi door refrigerators so that you’re ready-to-eat frozen items are right at hand, it's easy to see how this manufacturer looks to make life better in small, but important ways.
With the side-by-side and double door options available from Electrolux, you'll also be able to own a refrigerator that features a perfect temperature drawer. Set the temperature based on the foods that you're storing at that very moment so that you'll get the optimum storage life for that food. This is complimented by Luxury Glide technology that allows for smooth drawer operation with expanded capacities than competitive brands, such as Videocon or Kelvinator refrigerators.
Electrolux also provides you with the visual aesthetics you want in the modern home appliance. Stainless steel single door options give a home the modern, clean look, while stunning colors will provide a kitchen with the absolute best first impression possible. Even models like the Electrolux EBP225T provide over 200 ltrs of space with a 5 star energy rating! Are you ready to see how this brand can make life easier for you?
Electrolux Refrigerators Make It Tempting to Eat At Home More!
When you combine one of these refrigerators with an Electrolux microwave, then you'll be getting the tools you need to make incredible dishes at home. Compliment these appliances with an Electrolux air conditioner for the most luxurious experience possible! With highly affordable single door refrigerators available right now and the innovative technologies in their multi door options, you'll find that style and convenience don't have to be sacrificed to have a direct cooling refrigerator.
What defines the Electrolux brand? The knowledge that every household has ever-changing needs for their refrigerator. That's why you'll find a maximum level of space available in every model so that the foul odors that can creep up in a refrigerator can be kept to a minimum. If you're ready to upgrade your kitchen appliances today, then you're ready to see what an Electrolux refrigerator can do to keep your food and beverages fresh. Find the best model for your home right now!
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Electrolux ETB4702AA Refrigerator

Electrolux ETB4702AA

2 Star Rating
470 Ltr Capacity
Frost Free
2 Door
Double Door
Size - 699 x 1725 x 730.2 mm
Rs. 41,114/-
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Electrolux Refrigerator Price List in India 2021

Electrolux Refrigerator Model Name Price
Electrolux ETB4702AA Rs. 41,114/-