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Onida Washing Machines Price List in India

as on 21st June 2024
Updated On: 21st June 2024
Onida Washing Machines
Onida is one of the established appliances companies in India. Founded in 1981, its focus making excellent quality products at affordable price for Indian consumers before the era of liberalization.
While this brand might not be as globally known as some others, it has a sparkling reputation in India, as one of the most trusted and most reliable companies. They are committed to make the best washing machines, Onida televisions, Onida ovens etc. in the world, so that their customers have durable, efficient machines that make their lives easier.
Why buy a Onida washing machine?
Besides their reputations of producing high quality appliances, Onida also strives to produce a wide range of Onida Mobile Phones, ones that will make the lives of their customers more efficient and so that they have more time to work or be with their families.
A Onida washing machine is environmentally friendly and effectively cleans clothes. They also come in a range of different styles, colors, and with a gauntlet of features that make it easy for a large family or a single person living alone to get clean clothes, fast and easy.
Features of Onida Washing Machines
There are basically two different kinds of Onida washing machines. The first is a top-loader, with a lift-open lid and an upright drum. The second in a front-loader, which has a door and a horizontal drum for the clothes.
Both of these kinds of washing machines can clean clothes effectively, but one may fit into your available space more effectively. The bright colors available and the high capacity of the washing drums are what set Onida apart from other companies.
How to Choose a Onida Washing Machine
When looking for a new washing machine, it is important to know how much space you have in your apartment or home for the machine. This will help you to narrow down the long list of excellent Onida washing machines. Also, make note of the space you have above or in front of the machine. Is the space better for a front-loading or a top-loading model?
Lastly, decide what color of machine would best fit in your home. Onida washing machines come in a range of colors, from silver, to red, to purple, so finding one that matches your décor is easy!
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Onida Liliput 70 W70W Washing Machine

Onida Liliput 70 W70W

Semi Automatic
Top Loading
7 kg Capacity
Rs. 5,850/-
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Onida S80SCTR Washing Machine

Onida S80SCTR

Semi Automatic
Top Loading
8 Kg Capacity
Rs. 11,499/-
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Onida Crystal T62CGN Washing Machine

Onida Crystal T62CGN

Fully Automatic
Top Loading
6.2 Kg Capacity
8 Water Level
10 Washing Program
Rs. 11,990/-
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Onida Washing Machine FAQs

Is Onida 6.5 Kg Liliput a proper automatic washing machine?
Yes, It is! but without a dryer.
Is Onida 6.5 Kg Liliput automatic or semi automatic?
Its Semi Automatic(without dryer).
Whats the lenght of Onida 6.5 Kg Liliput?
It is only about 1.6 feet in length & breadth.
How many year motor or product warranty in Onida WO65TSPLDD?
The Warranty on the motor is for 2 years.
Does Onida WO65TSPLDD works automatically or manually?
Its Fully-Automatic washing machine.

Onida Washing Machine Price List in India 2024

Onida Washing Machine Model Name Price
Onida Liliput 70 W70W Rs. 5,850/-
Onida S80SCTR Rs. 11,499/-
Onida Crystal T62CGN Rs. 11,990/-