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Bosch Refrigerators Price List in India

as on 24th January 2022
Updated On: 24th January 2022
Bosch Refrigerators in India

Are you looking for a sleek, efficient appliance? Then Bosch is probably the right company for you. One of the oldest in the industry, Bosch was founded as a mechanics and engineering company in 1886 in Germany. Since that time, they have been the leader in many different manufacturing industries and today, specifically, they produce many different kinds of appliances, in a range of styles and prices, for just about every consumer.

Bosch has devoted an entire fourth of its company to innovating new energy solutions and improvements to the products that they already provide. Because home appliances are one of the major power users in a home, and the cost of power is only on the rise, most people want an appliance that is as energy efficient as possible. This is what Bosch aims to provide.

They have partnered with many different companies to ensure the widest distribution of products, through as many markets as possible. The overall goal is make appliances that improve the quality of life of those who use them. That means manufacturing high-quality, affordable products that are just as stylish as they are useful.


Why Buy a Bosch Refrigerator?

The biggest reason to buy a Bosch refrigerator is because of Bosch’s commitment to energy efficiency. If you have an old refrigerator in your home right now, you might not be aware of how much extra money you are paying just to power it. The older the refrigerator is, the more power it is going to suck away. Bosch refrigerators, on the other hand, are designed to work more efficiently, so they keep your food just as cold, while using less power.

They also come in a range of capacities and styles, so no matter what your refrigeration needs, you can find a Bosch refrigerator that works for you. There are models that have the freezer on top and models with the freezer on bottom. Smaller kitchens may require a fridge with a smaller capacity, while large families with a large kitchen can benefit from one of Bosch’s models with a higher capacity.

Other useful features include frost-free freezers, antibacterial air filters, removable compartments, and built-in ice trays. All of these are designed to provide extra value to the customer, who will love how his Bosch refrigerator keeps food fresh and his freezer preserves food, without getting an annoying layer of frost.

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Bosch KDD46XI30I Refrigerator

Bosch KDD46XI30I

2 Star Rating
401 Ltr Capacity
Frost Free
2 Door
Double Door
Rs. 38,990/-
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Bosch KAN92VS30I Refrigerator

Bosch KAN92VS30I

658 Ltr Capacity
Frost Free
2 Door
Side by Side
Rs. 79,999/-
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Bosch KAN92LB35 Refrigerator

Bosch KAN92LB35

592 Ltr Capacity
2 Door
Side by Side
Rs. 1,39,999/-
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Bosch KAD92SB30 Refrigerator

Bosch KAD92SB30

639 Ltr Capacity
2 Door
Side by Side
Rs. 2,02,290/-
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Bosch Refrigerator FAQs

What are the dimensions of Bosch KGN57AI40I?
Appliance Height: 1,850 mm Width: 700 mm Depth: 770 mm
What is the exact measurement in inches of Bosch KDN30VR30I?
Dimensions (HxWxD) 167.9 cm x 60.5 cm x 62.86 cm.
What is the power consumption in Bosch KDN53AL50I?
The power consumption is only 160w.
How much power Bosch KDN46AI50I consume. And wat is the star rating?
This model is 5-star rating total wattage is 160Watts

Bosch Refrigerator Price List in India 2022

Bosch Refrigerator Model Name Price
Bosch KDD46XI30I Rs. 38,990/-
Bosch KAN92VS30I Rs. 79,999/-
Bosch KAN92LB35 Rs. 1,39,999/-
Bosch KAD92SB30 Rs. 2,02,290/-