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Midea Ovens Price List in India

as on 20th September 2020
Updated On: 20th September 2020
Midea Ovens Bring Convection and Grilling Power into Your Kitchen
The same quality that you've come to expect from Midea air conditioners is what you will find with this brand's microwave ovens as well. You'll find a full series of ovens just waiting for you today that can provide your home with up to 30 liters of cooking space in a surprisingly compact way. If you're ready to take your recipes to the next level, then don't settle for a Croma oven or even a Sharp oven. Why? Because Midea ovens offer you all of the key features that you're going to need today.
What Can You Expect From a Midea Oven?
Midea ovens offer every home an amazing cooking experience. Nearly every model features a stainless steel cooking cavity so that cooking is safe and consistent. You'll be able to get the convection cooking that you may want, the grill options that you love, and the microwave cooking that will get you something to eat fast. With unique finishes, such as the red floral finish that comes on Midea's 30L model, and auto menu functions that are useful, today is the perfect day to invest into your culinary future!
Midea ovens are part of the Carrier line of products, which means you'll find the same level of quality in these ovens as you would a Carrier air conditioner. These ovens are solid cooking appliances that are covered by a comprehensive warranty! You'll be able to quickly see the status of your work thanks to the LED display and a digital push button and dial combination helps to make cooking simple. It's possible to create nearly any recipe thanks to the effective design of these ovens.
What powers the Midea brand is a patented back heater that will surround your food or beverages that you're looking to heat up with consistent warmth. You'll be able to effectively heat food items in a fraction of the time and have warm beverages ready in an instant. With a Midea microwave oven, you're only bound by the limits of your imagination!
What Could You Grill In Your New Midea Microwave?
Even the entry-level models of the Midea brand provide you with an amazing amount of cooking power. You'll receive 20L of capacity and up to 11 power levels that will help you grill with ease. A 255mm turntable and a durable powder coated cavity are backed with a comprehensive warranty so that you can rest assured about the quality of the product.
The start-up kit that comes with many Midea ovens also includes a recipe book that offers fast and easy cooking options. You can quickly heat up a pizza, make your favorite kebobs, or make something from scratch with ease! With one-touch auto menus that allow for express cooking, child locks to keep your family safe, and a minimum of 800 watts of power, Midea takes on competitors like LG Ovens and Whirlpool Ovens easily thanks to their dual focus on innovation and quality.
If you've loved what Carrier can do to cool your home, then you'll love what Midea can do to cook your food. Invest into a Midea microwave oven today and you won't be disappointed!
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Midea AC930AHH-S00E Convection 30L Oven

Midea AC930AHH-S00E Convection 30L

Convection Microwave
30L Capacity
5 Power Levels
201 Auto Cook Menu
Size - 520 x 510 x 336 mm
Rs. 16,341/-
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Midea Oven Price List in India 2020

Midea Oven Model Name Price
Midea AC930AHH-S00E Convection 30L Rs. 16,341/-