Top Air Conditioner Brands Available in India

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The Summer Season is coming and the most essential Electrical Appliance in summers is an Air Conditioner. There are various types of Air Conditioners and there are several types AC Brands in the market thus you should choose the perfect products according to your choice as well as budget. While selecting an Air Conditioner, you should think about various aspects such as Size of The Area, Number of Doors and Windows in The Area, Frequency of Using the Air Conditioner and Most Importantly “Your Pocket”. The text below will let you know all about the types of ACs as well as the Brands Available in India.

Various Types of Air Conditioners :

There are various types of Air Conditioners such as Portable Air Conditioner Units (Easy to handle as these are Portable), Window Air Conditioners (Most Commonly Used Type of AC), Split Air Conditioners (Commonly Used to Cool an Open Area or Many Rooms), Inverter Air Conditioners and Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Units. All these types of Air Conditioners are available in various Energy Ratings and Cooling Capacity thus you should be very careful while choosing an Air Conditioner.

List of Various Air Conditioner Brands Available in India :

1. Daikin : This Japanese Firm offers various types of ACs along with a Price Tag of Rs 18,000 (Windows AC) and Around 50,000 (For Split AC).

2. Godrej : Godrej ACs has various amazing features such as Auto Clean Function, Air Swing, Timer, Memory Function etc and buyers can get Godrej ACs within the Price Range of Rs 21,000 to 50,000.

3. Hitachi : Founded in 1920, Hitachi is a Japanese Company which offers basic model AC at Rs 26,000 while the high end model costs up to 74,000.

4. IFB : IFB Offers wide range of Eco-Friendly Air Conditioners at an starting price of Rs 23,000.

5. Kelvinator : Price Range – Rs 20,000 to 40,000.

6. LG : LG is one of the best AC sellers in India Market, the firm is South Korea based but offers its high quality products in various markets all over the world.

7. Lloyd : Lloyd is the biggest AC Coil Maker in Indian Market. Lloyd AC will cost around Rs 21,000 to 36,000 in India.

8. Mitsubishi : Tokyo Based firm has a decent share in Indian AC Market and offers amazing products under Price Range from Rs 18,000 to 40,000.

9. Voltas : Voltas is the top Indian AC Manufacturer, (The firm is a subsidiary of well known Tata Group). Price of Voltas AC starts from Rs 25,000 and goes up to 56,000.

10. Whirlpool : Whirlpool Air Conditioners are available from a starting cost of Rs 28,000 in India.

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