PlayStation Now Game Streaming Announced already

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Japanese electronics announced good news late on Tuesday night for PC gamers. It’s still a rumour about the upcoming PlayStation is coming to Window PCs. Initially, the Playstation now is coming for the players in Europe and North America. The company is also willing to launch a wireless adaptor for its Dual Shock 4 controllers for both windows and OSx. It will work in the same way as it does when wired with a USB cable. It will be very exciting that some games will support X input controller like Xbox.

Things to see:

Some of the requirements needed for compatibility with Playstation now are:

• It works in OS of windows service pack 1, windows8.1, or Windows 10.

• It requires Intel Core i3 3.5 GHZ, AMD A10 3.8GHz or faster CPU configurations.

• Sound card and USB port is also an essential part of the functioning of the game.

• The HDD storage space needed for the functioning of the game should be 300 M or more than it.

• For the better performance of the game, The RAM should be empowered by 2GB or more than it.

Other arrangements:

It is recommended that a minimum 5 Mbps internet connection is needed for the game to stream over the Internet. So, Sony has already instructed that we will require 5 Mbps internet connection to be able to run PS now. It is also rumoured that the Adapter can also be used for PS4 Remote Play on PC and Mac. If the users don’t wish to buy, they can just be connected to DualShock 4 with USB cable.

Very soon, the PC users can enjoy over 400 Playstation titles at a nominal price of $19.99 a month. People are expecting the Playstation now in India. It is leaked that it can be launch anytime in India with an Unlimited VPN. The price is still a rumour but it can be expected to be release in September and will available in $24.99. It will come at an Indian price of 1,680.

Customer reviews:

When it comes to considering the product, there is a lot of criticism that is faced by the product which is yet to launch or started already. A lot of people seem to be pretty excited for the launch of Playstation now. They are happy to know about the specifications and controller’s function, including the touch pad, Buttons, Analogue sticks, Vibration, Motion sensors and stereo headset jack. It is still yet to launch, so the users have not pointed out any pros in it.

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