OnePlus 3T Variants is expected to be powered by Android 7.0 Nougat, Snapdragon 821 SoC processor

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OnePlus phones are undoubtedly taking a strong market place due to its remarkable and exceptionally good features. Now-a-days there are rumours doing the rounds for launch of OnePlus 3 Variant which will be named OnePlus 3T. The new variant will not have the same processor as that of OnePlus 3. There have been no official information as of now about the phone but there have been lot of speculation about the new variant. The name OnePlus 3T was claimed by PhoneRadar.

Feature Highlights of the variant

• The variant is expected to run on 2.4GHz Snapdragon SoC 821 Chipset instead of 2.15GHz Snapdragon 820 that was seen on OnePlus 3. The variant is expected to see a change and boost in processor performance.

• The OnePlus phone will be powered by the latest Android 7.0 Nougat based Oxygen OS which is one of the major change.

• The new variant is also expected to be equipped with Dash charge technology which will charge the phone quickly.

Changes in the variant model

The variant model is definitely going to see some changes as compared to OnePlus 3 and the changes are expected to make the phone more feature-rich and powerful. One of the expected changes is the process with the variant expected to run on 2.4 GHz Snapdragon processor which will be almost 10% better than the processor that was used in OnePlus 3 model. OnePlus once decided to launch X-Series but later dropped the idea with a focus of releasing only one flagship smart-phone every year so that there will be full justice to the model. But with the news about the launch of the variant of OnePlus 3 their decision might have changes although there is no official declaration about the same.


As of now there is not information about the expected changes but according to leaks processor and OS will see a change. OnePlus 3 itself is a very strong phone and probably the company would want to upgrade few more features like storage capacity for the new variant. As of now there is heads up on whether the variant will be launched or not or when it will be launched. However there was also rumoured about launch of OnePlus 3 Mini variant but it was later confirmed by Carl Pei, Co-Founder of OnePlus that the rumours aren’t true. With this we cannot yet confirm if OnePlus 3T is a rumour or soon will be true.

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