Leaked Reports are Telling Specifications of PS 4 Neo

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PS (Play Station) the amazing Console from Sony now has became even more amazing. There are news which suggests that new PS 4 Neo will be more powerful than PS 4. Reports says that Sony is going to launch the latest version dubbed as “PS 4 Neo” to provide a better Frame Rate which will enhance the gaming experience too. The leaks also says that all Games which are working on PS 4 will work on PS 4 Neo from October. The documentation which has all these confidential information is now available over internet.

This leaked document has information about specifications as well as guidelines for the developers. According to the leaked report, PS 4 Neo uses the similar “Jaguar” cores like the original sports 8 cores at 2.1 GHz makes it 1.3 x faster than PS 4. It uses an updated version of GPU which was used in PS 4. It has 36 compute units running at 911 MHz which makes it 2.3 x improved in terms of teraflops. PS 4 Neo uses 8 GB GDDR5 Memory Albeit with 218 gigabits per second bandwidth, which is higher than PS 4’s 174 gigabits per second. It will be available in two variants according to the hard drive size, First 500 GB and Second 1 TB.


The Submissions for a game to get permission to run on PS 4 Neo will start from next month. The process of including a game depends on its release date, Games releasing in September or before will be “PS4-only submission with Neo Day-1 patch” and Games released from October will have to run on both PS 4 as well as PS 4 Neo. Neo Game Developer should keep in mind that frame rate of the game on the original PS 4 should meet Neo frame rate or have to be lower than Neo frame rate to allow variation between PS 4 Neo & PS 4.

Although PS 4 Neo has various pros over PS 4 yet it is not the starting of the Next Generation PS. As said earlier these all are just leaks now, so there are chances that the information may not clear all things about PS 4 Neo and its Games and the information is subject to change yet. It is sure that PS 4 Neo will be a great console for the Die Hard Gamers Out There.

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