Bundle of Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare & Watch Dogs 2 for PS4 to sell in India

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It was lately seem that the Sony Centres of India were stocking the stores with new PS4 bundles and the great news is purchasing 1TB PS4 gives you Call of Duty along with Infinite Warfare. It is tipped by Sony India the PS4 bundle of Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare will be available in many stores in India both via offline and online mode with possibility from next week onwards.

New Bundle for PS4 in India

The PS4 bundle in India is a great news and is a boon for game lovers as along with the package one gets the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare package on disc and a download code for Call of Duty with Modern Warfare included in the 1TB PS4. The whole package is available in India for only Rs 33,990. Apart from that the bundle of Call of Duty and Infinite warfare Legacy Edition price is to be around Rs 6,299 and thus the bundle is available at a very affordable take away price. To add to the offer is another cherry on top deal where some retailers have added the Infamous second Son on disc that is available at only Rs 1,799.

More addition to the bundle by December

The PS4 bundle is not yet over and the good news is there is more to it and more addition to be done by end of December by including the Watch Dogs PS4 bundle. Along with the 1TB PS4 there will be inclusion of Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 available at Rs 32,990. The selling price for Watch Dogs 2 retails is around Rs 3,499 but the first game Watch Dogs add-ons is for Rs 1,999. All the games and offers are available only with the original 1TB PS4.


It is usually noticed that purchasing PS4 means thinking about the above mentioned games and thus it is quite possible that on bundling the games along the purchase of PS4 the price may be less as compared to the price of the standalone games. There is lot of speculation on price reduction of the games and purchasing the bundle is a great option. The bundles with PS4 are expected to drive more sales by engaging customers to its profitable side. It is thus recommended to pick the PS4 with such bundles.

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