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Touch Screen Mobile Phones Price List in India 2024

Updated On: 14th July 2024

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Should You Upgrade To a Touchscreen Phone?
Although mobile phones have been fairly common to the general public since 1983, it wasn't until 2000 when the first popular touchscreen phone was available for purchase. This phone, which was the Ericsson R380, was also a flip phone that allowed you to have one-touch access to email, texting, and had basic calendar options. 
Today's touchscreen phones have upgraded this technology by leaps and bounds! With one-touch today, you have access to the internet. You have a quality digital camera. Some mobile phones have GPS technology included or can access an app that gives the phone that power. Emails and texting are still readily available, but so is video calling. There is no question about the power of a touchscreen phone!
The only question is this: is a touchscreen phone right for you?
Are There Limitations To Today's Touchscreen Technology?
The primary limitation on today's touchscreen phones is that their screens are relatively easy to break. If you drop the phone from any height above your waist, there is a good chance the screen is going to crack. Although this is a fairly easy repair that won't cost a lot, it is a common complaint that occurs.
A secondary limitation is that many of today's touchscreen phones require texting and other typing functions to occur through the interface. There isn't a keypad on most phones, although the full QWERTY keyboard is available on the touchscreen. For telephones that have screens that are 5 inches or less in size, this can make typing very difficult for some people. 
The final issue, and perhaps the most important limitation there is right now, is that there is no really feedback that occurs when you are interacting with the touchscreen technology. You can type fairly quickly, be there is limited tactile sensations that come through the telephone.
Touchscreen Phones Have Many Advantages As Well!
Although there are some limitations to touchscreen technology, these phones also provide their users with a number of distinct advantages. First and foremost, these phones are the easiest to use in the market today. You simply touch the icon of where you want to go or who you wish to call and you're done!
Touchscreen telephones also create a level of user satisfaction through the various animations or access to social network and videos that aren't available on some makes and models of phones without this technology. Any time your hands do something on the phone that makes it respond, a high level of satisfaction occurs. 
Touchscreen phones also make navigating simple and easy. Multitouch commands allow for fast zooming in or out on images or maps. Swiping allows users to switch between operating apps with ease! By comparing today's best touchscreen phones that are made by the best names in the mobiles industry, you will certainly find the perfect phone at the best price today!
Touchscreen phones may have some limitations still, but they also have tremendous advantages. Put those advantages to work on your behalf right now!