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GSM Mobile Phones Price List in India 2024

Updated On: 21st July 2024

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GSM Phones
GSM Phones
GSM stands for Global System for Mobiles, and is the radio system that most countries around the world use for their wireless networks. Most of the phones that you can buy outside of the United States of America run on a GSM plan, because it is the realm of the industry that fosters cooperation between different companies, whereas the alternative, CDMA, is usually owned by one large company that monopolizes the field.
What GSM allows carriers to do is choose what features and options they want to offer their users. In general, it is easier to change networks when your phone is GSM, because you can simply remove on SIM card and insert another. You can generally keep your phone, even if bounce from network to network, and most networks are required to accept phones from other networks. The phones on our GSM list work not only with the original carrier, but with any other GSM carrier in the world.
Top GSM Phones
Many of the world’s leading brands offer phones on GSM networks. For example, Samsung’s full range of phones, from the most basic feature models, to the higher-end models, can be found on GSM networks. Other popular brands include Nokia, HTC, LG, and even BlackBerry. This means that no matter what phone you want, you can find one that will work on a GSM carrier.
There are also a number of smaller brands that offer high-quality phones at lower prices than the major brands. Asus, Dell, and even lesser known brands like Arise and Magicon, offer phones that work on these kinds of networks, and can therefore bounce from one network to another.
The greatest features of a GSM phone is the ability to leave one network and easily get set up with another network, even if they do not originally carry your phone. You get to keep your number, all of you have to do is switch SIM cards.
How to Pick the Right Phone
When looking at GSM phones, it is important to find a phone that fits your needs and desires. For those who like to be able to work, play, and stay in contact on the go, a more expensive, powerful phone may fit the bill, while others who intend to use their cell phone only for emergencies, might be perfectly fine with a phone that has fewer features but is also less expensive.