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Kenstar Ovens Price List in India

as on 29th November 2021
Updated On: 29th November 2021
Kenstar Ovens Provide a Superior Level of Cooking Power
Since their limited launch in 1996, Kenstar has been providing homes with multiple solutions so that every need can be met. From fabric care to heating and air solutions, you can start your day on the perfect note with this brand! That has never been as true as with the line of Kenstar ovens that are available today. The needs that you have are constantly evolving and this brand believes that your appliances should evolve with you. For that reason, Kenstar ovens are one of the most preferred items today.
Why Should You Own a Kenstar Oven?
When you compare Kenstar ovens to their competition, it is easy to see how this brand has furthered the evolution process in the kitchen. In looking at Samsung Ovens or IFB ovens and then seeing what Kenstar has to offer, it is plainly evident that cooking is faster, smarter, and even easier with a Kenstar grill or solo oven. Not only are these ovens fast, but they are incredibly efficient. This means you can bake, brown, or cook virtually anything you wish to eat and have it ready in just minutes.
Part of owning a good grill oven is that it needs to be easy to clean. You'll find that feature with all Kenstar ovens as well! Because you save so much time and don't need to put in as much effort, cooking can become an enjoyable experience once again. Even if you only have a few minutes in your kitchen after a busy day, a Kenstar oven will help you create a healthy, home-cooked meal in just a few minutes. If you have an instant meal, you can heat it up in just seconds!
Take the KJ25CSG150 model that is presented by Kenstar. For right around Rs. 10,000, you'll receive an oven that has 25L of space and a 3 year warranty on the magnetron that powers the oven. The interior surface of the oven has an anti-bacterial coating and an auto cook menu is included for one-touch cooking convenience. Sensi-grill technology makes it an effective grill oven and the digital jog wheel makes it easy to transition between different cooking options.
Do You Need an Express Way To Make Food Today?
Kenstar ovens provide a tremendous amount of value thanks to the express cooking option that is included in many of their designs. Heat up food in a short amount of time so that you can spend more time enjoying your food instead of cooking it! Clean up is a simple chore too because all you've got to do is add a few drops of lemon juice and some vinegar in a bowl of water and then heat it up. There's no faster way to clean a solo oven!
With grill stands included with many models, rotisseries available as an added feature and up to three levels of simultaneous cooking, Kenstar ovens provide every home with the fast, convenient way to create perfectly cooked or grilled dishes in just seconds. From tasty kebabs to barbequed tikkas and more, the innovation in these ovens will inspire your own culinary innovations!
Whether you want a simple barbecue oven, a pizza and kebab maker oven, or a basic convection oven, Kenstar has your needs covered at a remarkably affordable price. Purchase your preferred model today and savour the experience!
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Kenstar KJ25CSG150 Convection 25L Oven

Kenstar KJ25CSG150 Convection 25L

Convection Microwave
25L Capacity
10 Power Levels
Rs. 9,000/-
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Kenstar Oven Price List in India 2021

Kenstar Oven Model Name Price
Kenstar KJ25CSG150 Convection 25L Rs. 9,000/-