Oppo May Launch Dual Selfie Camera Smartphones on 23 March in India

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Oppo has started to send media invites for the Official Launch of its new ‘Dual Selfie Camera’ Smartphone in India. It is expected that the event on 23 March in Delhi will bring ‘New Era of Selfie Expert’ Devices. Till now Oppo has not given any information about the Oppo Smartphone or Smartphones which will be launched in this event. There are reports that the Chinese Smartphone Maker will launch the Oppo F3 Smartphone as well as the Oppo F3 Plus too because these Smartphones are seen in advertise (in the Philippines) and has ‘Selfie Expert’ tagline with them. All about this report is described in the following text.

Highlights of This Report :

• An Advertisement in Philippine Indicates That Oppo May Launch Oppo F3 and F3 Plus Smartphones with Dual Selfie Camera Setup.

• The Chinese Smartphone Maker ‘Oppo’ Has Sent Media Invites for an Event on 23 March in India.

• Oppo has not announced any official information about any of these Dual Selfie Camera Setup Smartphones yet.

About the Media Invites Sent from Oppo :

The Media Invites which Oppo has sent Two Circles on it as well as it also has the tagline ‘Selfie Expert’. Both these things in combination suggests that Oppo is going to launch of a Smartphone that will have a Dual Selfie Camera Setup. Apart from the media invites, nothing more is officially said by Oppo which means all the expectations are just coming from the Initiation as well as the Oppo Advertisement (Running in Philippines).

More About The Advertisement :

In Philippines, Oppo is running an advertisements which shows ‘Selfie Expert’ tagline along with the Smartphones Oppo F3 and Oppo F3 Plus Smartphones and ‘Dual Selfie Camera’ line which indicates that the new Dual Selfi Setup Smartphones that may get launched in India will be the Oppo F3 and Oppo F3 Plus. As Oppo has not made any official announcement about the Smartphones thus till now it is very uncertain that which Smartphones will be launched so everyone should wait for the launch date (23 March) to see what Oppo has for the customers.

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