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The importance of the internet needs no introduction. It has connected the whole world with a single wire. Simply saying, the launch of the internet has completely transformed the way we talk, shop, travel, eat, and everything else. Several e-commerce sites have traveled on the path of internet revolution in India, creating a convenient and favorable platform for Indian consumers to carry out their essential tasks more easily and one such organization is Nearbuy.

All about Nearbuy

Nearbuy was former known as Groupon India, which was established in the year 2008, November. Later in August 2015, the company changed its name from Groupon India to Nearbuy. It is a pan-India e-marketplace which facilitates the provision of connecting customers with local traders and with each other to create harmonious marketplace and platform for convenient trading.

Having the network is 33 leading cities in India; it provides exclusive deals and coupons to location-based clients in the form of mobile and desktop apps. Ranging an ample range of products and services organized in separate categories, it helps people to find best deals for their needs. Starting from F&B to travel to Spa, cab, movies, shopping and restaurant, Nearbuy offers exclusive deals and coupons for every sector.

The specialization area of Nearbuy:

Generous array of hand-outs for online clients:

What makes Nearbuy the most selected online portal of India? Well, definitely it is its provisions. It is the very first nearby online platform that empowers clients and local dealers to find what they are looking for and eventually engage with each other. With the constant try to bring the whole nation’s marketplace near to the clients, the establishment of Nearbuy was held, and now it is truly enhancing the needs of both consumers and merchants of all across India. Be it is your search for a fine dining option in your locale, booking and price cutting in top spas in your area, or simply traveling with added comfort and discount, Nearbuy has got all of them for you. Nearbuy also provides all of its merchants a reliable and influential platform for brand reorganization and customer engagement that enables customers, in and around their locality, to quickly discover their businesses.

Pan-India Presence

Nearbuy is one of the largest online portals that have covered up almost half of India. Simply putting, having an extensive pan-India presence, it has become the best source to find and enjoy best places and services at affordable rate. Having its strong presence in 35+ leading cities of India, outlining with more than 18 categories of provisions and comprising over 50,000 traders all across India, Nearbuy has become a true local yellow page for every location. Moreover, the services of Nearbuy are readily available in more than 100000 unique locations, which is quite hard to cover by any other web portals.

So what you all are waiting for? To get and enjoy best trending discounts coupons and deals for top spas, restaurants, wellness packages, beauty treatments, hotels, traveling and much more, browse You also can download its app from Google Play Store and iTunes store for getting easy mobile access.