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Lloyd Washing Machines Price List in India

as on 17th September 2021
Updated On: 17th September 2021
Lloyd: Offering washing machines of different configurations at mid-budget level

Lloyd is a renowned brand in the sector of refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation and other consumer durables. The company has attained a decent response from the customers for semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines of under different brands. Till now the firm has introduced more than 10 washing machines that are falling within the competitive segments of around Rs 11000 to Rs 13000.

Are they just like any other washing machine or are they different?     

The popularity of the washing machines of this company mainly rests on the brand of Lloyd Durawash LWMT60. Washing machines belonging to this brand arrive with rust free shiny sturdy surface to produce cool nice look among the buyers. These devices come with a digital display screen that is made of toughened glass to prevent crack and other damages from interior water pressure. Washing machines belonging to the brand of Lloyd Durawash LWMT60 can withstand garment weight up till 6 kg without affecting the normal functioning of washing and cleaning. These washing machines come with thermal protection technology to prevent the accumulation of heat on the outer surface. Inside region of these washing machines comprises of single crystal drum for putting clothes and apparels.

 The spin below this crystal drum automatically rotates on pressing the program buttons at a speed of around 750 RPM. These washing devices are also packed with the features of 3D hand launder and 2 Waterfalls to ensure deep cleaning of clothes without putting pressure on the electricity bill and water conservation. The induction of waterfall technology increases the motion of the water to ensure fast dissolve of detergent solution and the benefit of 3D hand launder involves scrubbing of clothes to remove the thick stain and dust. After complete washing the buzzer offers a notification signal to the users.

For whom, does the Lloyd Washing machines are for?

It is natural for any customer to become confused when facing washing machines of different brands in the market. Customers who want to enjoy deep cleaning facility at mid-budget segments can opt for the washing machine models of Lloyd Durawash LWMT60 which is available at different e-commerce websites at a price around Rs 13,000. People who want to use washing machine based on semi automatic technology can spend money on the models of Lloyd Cleanshine LWMT62UV that fall within the price of around Rs 13,500 for getting better cleaning facility.

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Lloyd LMWF70AW Washing Machine

Lloyd LMWF70AW

Fully Automatic
Front Loading
7 kg Capacity
Quick Wash, Baby Care, Denim, Down Jacket, Spin, Rinse and Spin, Cotton, Synthetics, Bedding, Wool, Intensive, Drum Clean Washing Program
Size - 598 x 850 x 535 mm
Rs. 26,599/-
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Lloyd LWMS80BD Washing Machine

Lloyd LWMS80BD

Semi Automatic
Top Loading
8 kg Capacity
Size - 805 mm x 995 mm x 475 mm
Rs. 11,800/-
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Lloyd LWMS72G Washing Machine

Lloyd LWMS72G

Semi Automatic
Top Loading
7.2 kg Capacity
Size - 780 mm x 950 mm x 470 mm
Rs. 10,299/-
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Lloyd LWMS82G Washing Machine

Lloyd LWMS82G

Semi Automatic
Top Loading
8.2 kg Capacity
2 Washing Program
Rs. 11,299/-
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Lloyd Washing Machine Price List in India 2021

Lloyd Washing Machine Model Name Price
Lloyd LMWF70AW Rs. 26,599/-
Lloyd LWMS80BD Rs. 11,800/-
Lloyd LWMS72G Rs. 10,299/-
Lloyd LWMS82G Rs. 11,299/-