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Kelvinator Washing Machines Price List in India

as on 18th February 2020
Updated On: 18th February 2020
Kelvinator Washing Machines Provide an Excellent Washing Quality
Do you want a washing machine that will be able to infuse new life into your clothing? Are you looking for a top loading or front loading appliance that will give you a pristine experience? When you own a Kelvinator washing machine, you're owning an appliance that is powered by little inspirations so that you can have a brighter tomorrow! With semi-automatic and fully automatic options encompassing a wide range of features and capacities, you'll find that a Kelvinator washing machine loves your clothes almost as much as you do!
The Features of a Kelvinator Washing Machine Make It Stand Out
Some of today's best appliances, such as the Godrej Washing Machines you'll find on the market today, all have a similar set of features. This makes it difficult for them to truly stand out from their competition! You'll find the same commitment to affordable innovation with each washing machine as you will with every Kevinator Refrigerators when you compare and contrast models today. With auto soaking options and an anti-rust body included on all models, you'll get the exact amount of power your household needs thanks to this manufacturer.
Why choose a Kelvinator washing machine today? 
It's wide variety of washing programs are a good place to start. With up to 10 water levels available on some models and with up to 8 washing programs included, even on the semi-automatic washing machines, Kelvinator has designed a series of home appliances that will tailor a unique experience for your household. Many models are also auto balancing so you won't get the basket knocking with a slight weight imbalance!
Kelvinator also knows that safety is a factor in your washing machine experience. That's why many Kelvinator washing machines include a child lock feature and a powder coated metal body so that everything you love can be properly cared for. An automatic error detection system compliments the safety features so that if the drain isn't properly hooked up or if the door is still open, you won't cause damage to your home.
Why Choose a Kelvinator Washing Machine Today?
Should you purchase this brand over Electrolux washing machines or even Videocon Washing Machines? As you'll see in models like the Kelvinator KT-6512, this brand is highly affordable, but has high capacities so you can get through your loads more quickly. With memory backups available on some models, fuzzy logic included on most automatic washing machines, and the ability to treat your clothing the way it needs to be treated to be properly cleaned, you won't believe how much fun owing a Kelvinator washing machine can be!
The Quadra pulsator technology included with many models is the final advantage to consider. Instead of twirling clothing in one direction to remove dirt, Kelvinator has introduced reversible, vibrating technology to help create a better, but still energy efficient, and washing experience. Combined with the gentle cycles and rust-free exterior and you'll be able to have a home appliance that can outlast the clothing it is washing!
Kelvinator washing machines offer a great value for an incredible price. With fully automatic and semi-automatic options available right now, the perfect washing machine is just waiting for you!
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Kelvinator KS8524 Washing Machine

Kelvinator KS8524

Semi Automatic
Top Loading
8.5 kg Capacity
4 Washing Program
Size - 820 x 980 x 490 mm
Rs. 11,980/-
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Kelvinator Washing Machine Price List in India 2020

Kelvinator Washing Machine Model Name Price
Kelvinator KS8524 Rs. 11,980/-