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DMR MiniWash Washing Machines Price List in India

as on 3rd August 2021
Updated On: 3rd August 2021
DMR Mini-Wash is offering tech friendly portable washing machines at a reasonable price

Washing machines, like other household appliances, are undergoing drastic transformations to offer more tech friendly services to customers across India. At present washing machine companies like Whirlpool, Kelvinator and others are focusing on providing the sophisticated washing machines to the consumers. Now in that race another company DMR Mini-Wash is giving tough competitions to these renowned washing brands. All its mini- washing machines can be easily operated and are accessible to the average consumers of the country. These washing machines are equipped with smart cleaning technologies and are capable of drying wet clothes within short period of time. But whether this brand will worth your money or not, the answer lies with the review below.

Features that you can expect from a DMR Mini washing machine

Every model of this brand can be easily fitted in any space size as it occupies very limited area. These washing machines are quite portable and light in weight and hence can be easily shifted to any new location. There is no requirement to set up proper installation system as these machines can be easily activated after attaching the main plug with the switch board. You can also run the washing machines of this brand with the help of inverter. So it will reduce much of your electricity expenditure. It helps you to wash separately the clothes of your patients, children and others who need optimum level of hygiene. The washing capacity of these machines is till 3 kg and it is quite suitable to wash ten to twelve clothes every day at a single go. All its washing machines are semi automatic and can offer in-depth cleaning of your clothes through extracting the last remains of dust particles. Its models are plastic made and are available in various colors like blue, pink, orange, green and so on. If you want to try with any of these models, then you can go for DMR Mini-Wash 60-S1102G.

Buying the best model of DMR Mini-Wash in the market

It is a common problem which every consumer faces when it comes to purchase the best washing machine model in the market. Due to the presence of numerous models of DMR-Mini Wash brand, the task of selecting the appropriate one often becomes quite difficult. But on following certain ways it is not so tough. You have the option of selecting the two DMR-Mini Wash models from a given price range and then studying their features and specifications quite sincerely to arrive at a conclusion. Otherwise, you can straight away log onto the website where you can study other models of this brand to widen your range of selections. It is important at the same time that while purchasing any washing machine you must also study the exclusive deals and special offers that are attached with the models. The company presents limited models and is looking forward to expand its portfolio and coverage across the country.

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DMR MiniWash 36-1288S Washing Machine

DMR MiniWash 36-1288S

Semi Automatic
Top Loading
3.6 kg Capacity
2 Washing Program
Rs. 7,412/-
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DMR MiniWash Washing Machine FAQs

Is there a dryer in DMR MiniWash 46-1218 washing machine?
yes, dryer with 2-litre capacity
What is the dimension of DMR MiniWash 46-1218 washing machine?
Its 42*45*66 Cms.
How much cloth we can wash at a time in DMR MiniWash 46-1218 washing machine?
Maximum of 10-12.

DMR MiniWash Washing Machine Price List in India 2021

DMR MiniWash Washing Machine Model Name Price
DMR MiniWash 36-1288S Rs. 7,412/-