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InFocus LED TV Price List in India

as on 20th October 2020
Updated On: 20th October 2020
Latest InFocus LED TV Price List in India. You will find here InFocus TV Price of all models updated on 20th October 2020. Currently we have 1 models of InFocus Televisions available for sale in India which starts from Rs. 70,999 for InFocus II-60EA800 LED TV which goes up to Rs. 70,999 for InFocus II-60EA800 LED TV. Get Best Deals on InFocus LED TV and always compare price before you buy. Check complete details on specifications, features, Video, Audio quality, Screen Size & Resolution of InFocus LED TVs.
InFocus: launched LED televisions of large HD screen with remarkable features

InFocus is a known brand in the industry of smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. This company is also offering LED television models based on competitive specs and features in different price segments. All these TV models are intended to revolutionize the existing concept of watching television at home.

Features that are packed with the LED television sets of InFocus

The LED television models especially those belonging to the brand of InFocus II-60EA800 is a popular range. Television sets belonging to this series usually feature a sleek and sturdy outer surface to impart an aesthetic appearance before the customers. The size of the dazzling HD display screen is 60 inches that supports sharp image resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels to offer excellent view of animated visuals from different angles. Televisions belonging to this brand feature two in-built speakers that deliver audio sounds with absolute clarity. The induction of UV2A technology is mainly for the purpose of creating balanced brightness and protects the eyes of the viewers from unwanted TV light. Utilizing the 2 on-board USB ports, viewers can play their favorite movies and music quite easily. For streaming video contents from devices like tablets and laptops, users can exploit the advantage of 2 HDMI ports. The technology of 10 bits color processing allows users to enjoy vibrant color reproduction from the TV set. The animate visuals impart a real life feeling among the audience due to the SHARPTM PANEL of Gen 10.

How to choose the best LED TV from given range of products?  

LED television is widely becoming popular among many households due to less power consumption. Customers who want to enjoy watching animated visuals in large screen television can opt for the models of InFocus II-60EA800 brand which normally falls within the price of around Rs. 68,000. Similarly, people who want to spend less on LED TV can opt for the models of InFocus II-24IA801 brand whose HD screen size is 24 inches falling within the price league of Rs. 9,000.

Moreover, people who want to enjoy playing their favorite songs and movies will enjoy satisfactory performance from the LED television models of InFocus. These smart televisions also offer good brightness balance to prevent eye strain. Before making a purchase, people should list down their personal requirements while spending money on any product.

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InFocus II-60EA800 LED TV Television

InFocus II-60EA800 LED TV

60 Inch Screen
2 Speakers
Size - 1356.8 x 786.1 x 86 mm
Rs. 70,999/-
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InFocus LED TV Price List in India 2020

InFocus LED TV Model Name Price
InFocus II-60EA800 LED TV Rs. 70,999/-