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Apple Phones - iPhones
Ever since smart phones were invented, Apple has been the leading product in the market from back in 2007. The cutting edge technology of the Apple iPhones featured with a smooth interface, high quality video and music features. This innovative design has attracted millions of satisfied users today. The touch screen and multimedia with higher performance was a big hit making it a revolutionary product in the market. The Apple Corporation has taken all the necessary steps to offer maximum satisfaction to their customers through the wide range of apps and special features of each iPhone model.
Design and Display
With large stylish screens, it emerges as the perfect selection for a busy smartphone user. Not forgetting the differently able citizens, iPhones possesses a range of innovative features to allow such persons to experience the superiority of the iOS. The high end technologies and state-of-the-art features make iPhones worth every rupee you pay for it.
Operating system
Apple iPhones’ operating system is called the iOS and is extremely fast. This was also known as the iPhone OS sometimes back. This only slightly differs from the world famous Darwin OS core that could be found in the Mac OS.
Unique features
Its native Safari browser is up for a superb web surfing experience and is similar to the view of Mac and Windows counterparts. The iPhone's menu interface is attractive, intuitive, and easy to use. IPhone strong email features enables synchronizing to corporate email servers running exchange like other competent smartphones and offers a smooth web browsing experience. The iPhone can be used as a personal information manager along with features like calendar, weather updates, stock-tracking, address book etc.
Apps for iPhone
The current Apple App Store consists approximately 800,000 apps where most of them are available for free download. iPhones also could operate all kinds of third-party programs, ranging from games to other apps such as twitter, Facebook, and restaurant finders etc.
Latest iPhone contains two cameras, while older models had just one. These cameras support HD video, high quality photo shooting and video calling facilities.
iPhone Battery
Apple phones contain internal li-ion batteries which last long for days. The major drawback of the brand is that the user cannot replace the battery as they wish. However the battery could be charged by connecting to a PC or laptop using the USB dock connector cable. The common wall charger or the AC adapter with USB is also available with the iPhone, enabling the user to charge the phone directly from a wall socket.
Advantages of Apple Phones
While the iPhone is being dared by other brands, like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Moto and LG, it's still one of the best choice phones for many users. The iPhone provides an innovative design, user friendly features and fast browsing speeds. Apple phones are fast and easy to use, many high-quality peripherals, a sensible screen size which fits into your pockets perfectly without bugging and is comfortable to carry along unlike certain Samsung Galaxy phones and other products available in the current market. They are the best phones in the market which easily integrate with other devices of their own kind providing smooth system upgrades and other services to their loyal customers.
The Apple iPhones have undoubtedly set a new benchmark as an integrated cell phone and MP3 player.
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