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Samsung Refrigerators

 Price List in India as on 30th August 2015
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Popular Samsung Refrigerators
Showing 1 - 20 of 79 Results.
Samsung Refrigerators Will Keep Your Food Cool
Samsung might be a popular maker of televisions and laptops, but they also make a very affordable and reliable series of refrigerators as well. Coming in a wide variety of colors, designs with Single Door, Double Door, Multi Door or Side by side door so you can match up your new appliance with your kitchen and home, you'll be able to keep your food cool, your frozen goods solid, and your drinks ready to serve for the perfect time.
From the basic models that have limited to features to the top of the line refrigerators that offer beverage stations, twin cooling systems, and egg containers, there is a Samsung appliance that will fit your home's needs right now. Take advantage of all the features that Samsung includes to get a better refrigerator!
What Makes a Samsung Refrigerator Better?
The highlight of any Samsung refrigerator is the design of its interior. With capacities over 500 ltr in most models and multiple shelves and door storage options, even the biggest families can have the supplies they need kept cool and safe every day. Superior cooling technology, modern aesthetics, and the flexibility to move shelves around to accommodate different supplies are all apart of the series of refrigerators that Samsung manufactures.
One of the most exciting innovations that Samsung has come out with in their top of the line refrigerator is their metal and triple cooling technology. It's a first for the industry and their appliances feature panels that are made from stainless steel that help to maintain a consistent interior temperature for the refrigerator. This is complimented by using two compressors and three evaporators so that the humidity within the appliance is specifically controlled.
Even if all you need is a slim, entry-level refrigerator to meet your needs, the quality that Samsung puts into each item makes it stand out. That's why a Samsung refrigerator should always be considered when a new or replacement appliance is needed.
Save Money with a Reduced Size Refrigerator
Maybe your needs don't call for a massive refrigerator that comes with a freezer and over 500 ltr of space. Maybe you just need a compact refrigerator with about 200 ltr of space that has a 5 star energy efficiency rating and only has a small freezer compartment. Samsung has those needs covered as well in a variety of ways. Whether you want stainless steel for a clean, modern kitchen or beautiful colors and patterns or just a second refrigerator to store overflow items, there's an appliance right now that will work for you!
All of Samsung's refrigerators are frost-free, many of them offer shelving that is made of tempered glass, and some include a specific dairy compartment or a wine shelf in addition to the fruit and vegetable drawer. With LED displays, door alarms, and one-touch temperature controls available as well, it is easy to see why Samsung makes one of the best lines of refrigerators today. If you're ready to select a new refrigerator, then choose your preferred product and begin the shopping process today!
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