Apple to form Diagnostic Tool from Tracker to expand Health Kit

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Apple has embezzled us with its advanced technology and with launch of new products has captured the market through its niche technology. Healthkit from Apple has helped in giving us health information through data collection from devices but in future is planning to expand it to Diagnostic Tool with advice for users, doctors and others. Apple has considerably developed new apps like Apple Watch which tracks sleep patterns, app for measuring heart rate and has much health based app included in its Health Kit. With this Apple is aiming at expansion of its already existing health Kit into a tool that improves diagnosis.

Inclusion and need for expanded Health Kit

The Health Kit that is to be developed is aimed at offering complete diagnostic tool which can be done in two ways. The aim of this is to allow efficient inter-operation or sharing of data from one hospital to another across different database and quick analysis of exclusive or important medical information from huge databases by physicians. The idea of expanding the Health Kit by Apple started with purchase of Glimpse Inc, a start up that involved in creating software to retrieve records from multiple database and store in one place. With the inclusion of a diagnostic tool in the iPhone’s it might drive increase in company’s revenue. The inclusion of a comprehensive Health kit that has both tracker and diagnostic tools will come as massive revenue driver for Apple.

Apple Health based apps

Currently there are many health trackers by Apple that help in maintaining and analysing our performance. Apple’s Watch helps in tracking run, swim and other activities via its GPS connectivity. The updated software of the watch called watchOS 3 includes a breathing exercise, tracks swim and comes with more prominent tracking features. Sensors in the watch helps in finding out blood pressure, monitor sugar level etc and are integrated for complete health check. Addition of sensors for checking health conditions however requires approval by respective bodies.


There are plans for expanding the existing Healthkit into diagnostic tool but how soon the improvements will be seen is yet to be ascertained. Apple also has one of its software named Researchkit that enables research institutions and drugmakers conduct clinical trials using apps by iPhones. The clinical study using Researchkit may soon see Apple embedding the software in hospitals and labs. Using iPhone’s front camera researchers from North Carolina’s Duke University developed Research Kit that can detect autism based on facial expression. With all these improvement Apple is soon expected to integrate complete diagnostic tool in its Healthkit soon.

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