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 Price List in India as on 30th August 2015
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Above 1TB
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Popular Lenovo Laptops
Showing 1 - 20 of 278 Results.
Lenovo Laptops For a Price That You Will Love
Lenovo is a Fortune 500 company that might be known as the largest vendor of personal computers in the world and they might be one of the world's largest smartphone companies, but they are also one of the best manufacturers of laptops that you can purchase right now. Focusing on innovation in an era that is known for technological advancements, a Lenovo has been a strong brand for a decade thanks to their focus on powerful processors, large storage capacities, and lightweight laptops that get the job done for a fair, competitive price.
It's the Advanced Processing Speed That Sets Lenovo Apart
You could spend three times the money for another manufacturer's laptop and still not receive the same level of computing power that Lenovo would bring to your life. The Essential A10, for example, features a Cortex A9 quad core processor that operates on a mobile Android O/S for your convenience. You can also access a Windows O/S on other Lenovo models if you prefer, have touch technology included with the package, receive up to 1TB of HDD storage, and you'll still find that the Lenovo price list is comparatively cheaper than most other laptop manufacturers.
How does Lenovo accomplish this level of affordability? It begins with the inclusion of features that you traditionally need without all of those extraneous items that you end up deleting anyway. Clock speeds easily reach 2.4GHz on even 3rd Generation Ci3 processors, you'll have expandable memory on Windows models thanks to the 64 bit O/S, and an LED screen that will give you HD resolution. Fast, fun, and affordable, you'll love the innovations that are evident in every Lenovo laptop!
What Lenovo Laptop Will Meet Your Needs Today?
If you need a laptop for your basic daily computing needs, then a 3rd Generation logic board with mid-range storage and processing will meet your needs. You'll find a cache of 6MB, DDR3 memory of 2GB-4GB, and HDD storage of 250GB to 500 GB on most of these models. If your laptop needs tend toward gaming than personal life maintenance, then you'll want to step up to the Ideapads that Lenovo offers. You'll get 100% larger caches, storage, and memory, plus have a processor that can reach up to 3.4GHz with turbo boost technology.
The added benefit of a gaming laptop from Lenovo is the anti-glare technology that is included with the full HD screens. With up to 15 inches in size and graphics capabilities of 2GB or more through GDDR5 technology, you'll have nearly 180 degrees of clear viewing so that everyone can see the excitement of any game, movie, or show that you happen to be watching.
If you're looking for a quality laptop with advanced technology that will meet any computing need you may have, then consider a Lenovo product today. Compare models, contrast these features and more, and you'll be able to find the best laptop at the best price available on the internet today.
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