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Whirlpool Refrigerators

 Price List in India as on 5th September 2015
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Refrigerator in Price Range
Upto Rs.10000
Rs.10001 - Rs.20000
Rs.20001 - Rs.30000
Rs.30001 - Rs.50000
Rs.50001 - Rs.80000
Above Rs.80000
Upto 200 L
201 L - 300 L
301 L - 400 L
401 L - 500 L
Above 500 L
Single Door
Double Door
Multi Door
Side by Side Door
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Whirlpool Refrigerators Help You Keep Your Cool
Whirlpool is one of the most trust appliance brands around the world because they create durable, reliable products. They also make one of the most dependable refrigerators that you can find today! Whether you tend to use fresh foods instead of frozen, cook a lot at home, or barely step foot into your kitchen, Whirlpool has created a refrigerator that will work to meet your specific needs. Whether you want a side by side model, an all-in-one unit, or the 3 door Protton Royal, you'll be able to find the best refrigerator at the perfect price today!
How Big of a Refrigerator Do You Need?
Whirlpool makes a wide variety of shapes and styles so you can get the exact food storage space that you need. With capacities that range on average from 180 – 300+ ltr., you'll be able to find the right amount of space that you need. Equipped with advanced features that will help keep your food fresh, you'll find that the moisture retention and the MicroBlock technologies will help keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.
For the Protton models, you'll also end up receiving a lot of energy savings with this refrigerator in your home. It uses less energy than a CFL and the third door Freshkeeper will reduce the amount of food waste you produce. The 343D Protton Royal features 330 ltrs of space and has four shelves within the interior that are made from toughened glass. Air boosters help to keep the air flowing well throughout the unit and the multi-door design is still nice and compact for ease of installation.
For something a little more basic, the five star energy rating of the Whirlpool 205 Ice Magic Classic will bring your home the basics that you need. It's a single door design, has a capacity of 190 ltr, and features a door lock. It has a chiller tray and an ice cube tray included for your basic freezer needs at a price that won't break your budget.
Why Choose the 6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology of Whirlpool?
Whirlpool has always been known for creating appliances that offer a frost free experience, but with 6th sense Deep Freeze technology, that has been expanded to include a visually pleasing experience as well. You'll receive bottle cooling that is 40% faster, ice that is made 50% faster, and cooling retention that is up to 3 times better than other makes and models when the power cuts. Have you ever noticed how the flavour of food changes when it spends time in the freezer? Deep Freeze technology helps to preserve the taste and textures of your food for longer periods of time. 
This is complimented by the chilling zone technology that is also included with the modern Whirlpool refrigerator. It stores cool air which is released during power cuts so that you can keep the items that must stay cold at their required temperature. There's also a quick chill zone that is specifically dedicated to bottles and cans so that you can always have a cool drink on a hot day.
What could a Whirlpool refrigerator bring to your home? Compare models today and you'll be certain to find the perfect appliance to compliment you and your home's needs.
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