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 Price List in India as on 5th September 2015
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Transform Your Images with a Sony Camera
Although many of today's top mobile devices carry one high MP camera with them, nothing beats the versatility that can be found by using a dedicated digital camera. Whether you're looking for an ultra sleek and portable Cyber-Shot Camera that puts the power of a custom image in your hands or your preference is for a DSLR, Sony makes a digital camera that will let you take the perfect photograph every single time.
If you're ready to take more control of your images, but still want an easy way to share your memories with others, then Sony cameras are the right investment to make today.
What Kind of Sony Camera Do You Need?
You've got three basic options when it comes to the selection of a new Sony camera and each of them has a distinct advantage that puts the power of the photograph into your hands.
The compact camera. Sony compact cameras are the perfect way to capture that perfect moment with a higher quality and with more customization than a standard mobile device can provide. The latest models of Sony compacts even offer 180 degree lens rotation so you can take selfies with ease. 
The pocket camera. Pocket cameras by Sony are even more versatile and they are priced for just about any budget. The latest Cyber-shot models offer over 20MP quality and optical zoom levels of 8x or more. Many offer 720p video recording as well so you won't have to worry about dragging out even more equipment to get a memory recorded.
The DSLR. Sony makes one of the most exciting lines of digital SLR cameras that are on the market today. These cameras give you the power of the professional photographer in an easy-to-use format so that every image you take can be realistic and stunning.
Which of these options is right for you? That depends on what kind of images that you want to take. Most people will enjoy the flexibility and affordability of the pocket camera because it won't compromise the image quality to give it to you. The compact camera is for those who want a few more options, but don't want to invest in a full DSLR camera. Sony DSLR cameras are for those who are ready to take their photography to the next level.
What You Should Look For in a Sony Camera
The primary consideration to have when shopping for a new Sony camera is to get the right level of megapixels that you need. Anything above 10 MP will be able to give you a photo quality print that is 20x30 inches in size. If you want photo prints or images that can be used for a website, a minimum of 5 MP is required for a photo quality result.
If the MP levels are so low compared to what modern cameras can produce, then what is the point of investing in 20 MP cameras? If you have higher resolution levels, then you'll have a greater ability to edit your photograph. Zoom in, adjust red eye content, and reduce blemishes with your preferred photo editing program with ease.
Your next Sony camera is right here! Find the perfect model, compare their specifications if you wish, and find the best price today!
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