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Conair Personal Care Products Price List in India

as on 22nd January 2020
Updated On: 22nd January 2020
Conair: Coming with hair care products bundled with smart specs and features

Conair is another major player of hair care accessories. Targeting the growing consumer market of India, the company has launched overall 44 models of different hair care devices that fall within different price segments. All these devices have been loaded with advanced specs and features to address the growing needs of the customers.

Benefits that can be obtained from the products of Conair

The company is enjoying good exposure mainly for its 247XN hair dryer models. Hair dryers belonging to this series flaunt a lightweight design with ergonomic handle which is pretty safe and comfortable to use. Hair dryers of this brand feature a cool shot mode button with speed and 2 heat settings mechanism. These devices also allow users to regulate the airflow pressure to prevent fall or damage of hair. By using these dryers, both men and women can absorb the scalp moisture to ensure firm setting of their hair in a particular stylish pattern. These accessories normally consume about 1875 Watts of power to activate the fast drying action. Users can easily transform the setting mode of these tools as per theirhairstyle requirements.

Similarly, the company has brought out different types of hair straightener accessories and those belonging to the brand of Conair CD36NBC are enjoying good attention of the customers at the moment. These devices are ideal for women who want to experiment different stylish look through keeping the hair shiny and straight. Devices of this brand are based on the advanced style dial technology and arrive with a curling iron handle of 3.4 inch. These straightener tools function perfectly in all types of hair for experimenting with different looks. The barrel of anti-static keeps the hair in good condition and prevents it from getting tangled or rough.

How to choose a Conair product over other competitors? 

Customers, who want to buy hair care accessories to experiment with different styles, can rely on the performance of the devices of Conair. People who want to firmly set their scalp hair for attaining a special look can spend money on the hair dryer models of Conair 247XN brand. Similarly, those who want to reduce the length of the beard or moustache hair for stylish presence can do so with the different trimmer models of Conair at reasonable prices. It is important to read the specs and features of all the devices to select the appropriate product.

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Conair 289NX Hair Dryer Personal Care Products

Conair 289NX Hair Dryer

Hair Dryers
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Conair Personal Care Product Price List in India 2020

Conair Personal Care Product Model Name Price
Conair 289NX Hair Dryer Rs. 2,534/-