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Electrolux Ovens Price List in India

as on 29th November 2021
Updated On: 29th November 2021
Electrolux Ovens Give You Affordable Cooking Power
Are you looking for an affordable grill oven to help you make fast meals when you've got a busy day? Do you want a solo oven that can help you create masterful dishes in just minutes? When you own one of the best Electrolux ovens that are available today, you'll always be able to cook at home in an easy and convenient way. Whether you just want a pizza and kebab maker oven that can heat up instant foods fast or you just want more options for your kitchen, this brand makes a convincing argument that its convection ovens are what you're going to want.
How Do Electrolux Ovens Stand Up to the Competition?
You'll find the same durability in these ovens as you would with Electrolux washing machines and refrigerators. They are designed for high capacity use and will give you a durable, reliable result when you need it most. Providing the same features that you'll find on an LG oven, but with prices that beat even Godrej ovens, you'll want to take a few minutes to compare your preferred Electrolux appliance with its competition today!
At the heart of the Electrolux brand is a commitment to providing constant innovation. In their ovens, you'll find this focus in the smart wave technology that powers each oven. Giving you a consistent level of power throughout the entire cooking process, Electrolux ovens offer a superior end result because they can eliminate cold spots without overcooking the edges of your food. Cooking thoroughly and uniformly, even the nutrition of your foods is kept intact with this amazing design.
For ovens that contain magnetrons, you'll also find that Electrolux provides a superior level of ongoing service. Each magnetron is backed by a 3 year warranty, which means you can use every one of the over 250 pre-programmed cooking cycles to amaze family and friends with your cooking abilities. With just the push of a button, your favorite recipes can be quickly combined or your instant meals can be safely heated.
Grill Ovens and Solo Ovens Are Also Available
If you want to grill your tandoori faster, then an Electrolux grill oven can give you outstanding results for a very reasonable price. Solo ovens give you the best value without compromising on the quality of the food that the oven is able to produce. If you're looking for a high quality microwave oven that can provide you with multiple power levels in a compact size, then you'll want to make Electrolux ovens one of your top priorities!
With 360 degree cleaning included on most makes and models, today is the day to discover what an Electrolux oven can do for you. Compare these ovens to competitors, such as a KAFF oven or an Onida oven, and discover for yourself today the true value that Electrolux can bring into your home for a budget friendly price. If you're ready for cooking convenience, then you're ready for an Electrolux oven.
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Electrolux C25K151.BG Convection 25L Oven

Electrolux C25K151.BG Convection 25L

Convection Microwave
25L Capacity
Size - 483 x 281 x 414 mm
Rs. 7,990/-
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Electrolux Oven Price List in India 2021

Electrolux Oven Model Name Price
Electrolux C25K151.BG Convection 25L Rs. 7,990/-