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Vestar AC Price List in India

as on 12th August 2020
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Updated On: 12th August 2020
Vestar Air Conditioners Provide Comfort at an Affordable Price
If you're looking to install a good quality air conditioners that are being manufactured right now, then you'll want to consider a Vestar air conditioner. Like Midea air conditioners that have a 5 star energy rating, the Vestar brand includes heat exchangers with pure copper on every model, not just the high cost ones. The PCB technology comes from Japan in these air conditioners as do the control circuits, providing a superior level of reliability when compared to the competition. How else could a Vestar window AC or split AC help to cool down the temperature of your home?
Temperature Compensation is Just One Feature of the Vestar Brand
Vestar air conditioners are designed with you in mind. The features of this brand, including temperature compensation, allow you to create cooling environments that are safe and effective! You just need to change the jumping wire combination on the indoor PCB and you'll be able to get a more accurate temperature of the room where your air conditioner is installed.
Why is this important? Hot air tends to rise because the cold air is denser. Air conditioners with single blowing options simply pound out cold air straight on and this takes longer for a room to cool down. With the two-directional air flow, every indoor unit from Vestar will create horizontal and vertical air movement that will displace the hot air quickly. This gives you a more consistent and comfortable operation. 
Vestar air conditioners are also noticeably quieter than what you will find with Sharp air conditioners and other competitive brands. Even while using the turbo mode to get a maximum output of cooling, your ears won't ring with high decibel levels as you work to achieve the cooling effect you want. Vestar lets you attain the perfect temperature your home needs in a reduced amount of time.
Why Choose a Vestar Air Conditioner?
One of the best features of the Vestar line of air conditioners is the copper pipes that have efficient internal threading. This unique design will create a larger area for heat exchanges to occur so that the efficiency of the window AC or split AC is improved. Because there is a greater area for the heat exchange to work, the efficiency of the refrigerant is also enhanced and this allows for power savings to occur.
Vestar air conditioners also have the expected features you've come to rely upon. Sleep mode allows you to save energy every day by tracking the outside temperature and compensating the air flow for your indoor temperature. Auto restart functions bring the unit back to its last function settings when power returns after an expected or unexpected outage. An active carbon filter creates a hygienic environment and the panels and filters of each air conditioner are remarkably easy to clean.
With specially coated fins with ML71 and a super silent running experience, the capacity ton you need for your home can be effectively met with a Vestar air conditioner. Find the perfect model today, compare these air conditioners to competitive brands, and see for yourself how affordable a Vestar air conditioner is today!
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Vestar 1.5 Ton 3 Star VASYA183KH Split AC

Vestar 1.5 Ton 3 Star VASYA183KH Split AC

Split AC
1.5 Ton Capacity
3 Star Rating
900 x 292 x 215 mm Size
Rs. 32,900/-
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Vestar AC Price List in India 2020

Vestar AC Model Name Price
Vestar 1.5 Ton 3 Star VASYA183KH Split AC Rs. 32,900/-