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Which Air Conditioners Are Right For You?
Nothing cools down a room on a hot day like an air conditioner. Not every air conditioner, however has the ability to effectively cool your room or your home. How can you choose which make and model is right for you? And are there specific features that you may need to make sure that you always have a comfortable environment?
Would a Window Air Conditioner Be Your Best Option?
When you need a fast solution on a hot day, a window air conditioner seems like the best solution. You simply affix the unit in the frame of your window, seal off the drafts, and you can have a room cooled down in no time at all! This type of air conditioner is perfect for a single room flat, a small apartment, or a room that needs to be cooled down on its own. Look for an air conditioner that has a 1.5 ton minimum capacity for the most effective solution and compare models such as the Carrier EsTrella to get the most energy efficient model. 
If you are looking for a more powerful air conditioning solution, then a Split A/C unit may be a better choice. These units have the ability to cool down multiple rooms and install through a window or sealed exterior vent to pull in the cool air. Many of these units are much more energy efficient than other air conditioners, so they can save you in the long term even though most of them are more expensive than a window unit. Look for brands like Samsung, Panasonic, or Sharp to compare specific features and capacities.
Why is the Energy Rating So Important in Air Conditioners?
On each listing, you'll notice that every air conditioner is giving an energy rating of at least 1 star. The most energy efficient units will receive a 5 star rating. This rating is incredibly important because it is a reflection of how much power it will take to cool down a room or your home, depending on the type of air conditioner you select. A 5 star A/C unit will utilize power much more efficiently than a 1 star or 2 star air conditioner.
You'll also notice that many of today's biggest brand names are involved in the air conditioning market. Whirlpool, Electrolux, and LG might be known for making excellent appliances, but you might be able to get a superior unit by comparing these brand names with others, such as Croma or Godrej, to get the best A/C unit for the best price. To do this, the process is simple and easy: just click the “Compare With” button on the unit's listing and select another air conditioner you're thinking about purchasing.
The days can get long and hot, but they don't have to be that way when your home is equipped with one of today's best air conditioners. Select the make and model that can best meet your needs, confirm its value by reviewing the appliances specifications, and make your purchase today!