Samsung upgraded its Notebook 9 with Intel ‘Kaby Lake’ Processor

by Annu Shukla 259 views0

During the CES 2016 Samsung launched its Notebook 9 laptop earlier in January of 2016 but now the company has upgraded the laptop with new design and integrated Intel Kaby Lake processor. The new updated laptop has got a revamped look and the design is sleek and light in weight with 13.3 inch screen size. The company also boast of the laptop of being the lightest in the similar category weighing only 810 grams.

Upgrades in the revamped Notebook 9

There are few more upgrades made in the laptop apart from only the outlook and design. The processor of the laptop has been upgraded to 7th generation Kaby Lake Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Apart from that even the memory of the laptop has been upgraded. There are two variants of the laptop in terms of screen size with the 13.3 inch variant with only Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and the 15-inch variant has only Core i7 processor that will be shipped. The security in both the variants has been also improved via the integration of fingerprint scanner. The laptop also supports Windows Hello that enables secure sign with one touch and doesn’t require authentication via password.

Other features of the laptop

The Samsung laptop has full HD display screen and in order to make it more convenient and flexible in use it can rotate 180 degree to share information from the laptop. The laptop also features thin bezel edge to edge design. The robustness and rigidity of the laptop is given by sleek single shell structure along with inclusion of Micro Arc Oxidation Rigidity Technology. The laptop has high integrity and is resistance of shock and thermal. The laptop display is backed by HDR. It is backed with great connectivity that supports PC Message and Gallery enabling users to share files, photos and messages.


The laptop is now redesigned and available in revamped design and upgraded to higher processor for the 13.3 inch variant. The laptop has great connectivity features with USB Type C ports that support charging. As claimed by Samsung the laptop also supports adaptive fast charge that enables users to charge the laptop in only 80 minutes. The battery for the laptop last for around 7 to 8 hours with only one charge. The revamped and upgraded model of the laptop is expecting to be of more preference by customers.