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BSNL Penta Tablet Price List in India

as on 20th August 2018
Updated On: 20th August 2018
How Affordable is a BSNL Penta Tablet?
BSNL is one of the leading telecom service providers and it works hard to provide customers with a wide variety of services and products to meet their connectivity needs. It provides nearly every type of telecom service in India and that massive presence translates into affordable tablet prices thanks to the BSNL Penta line of products that have been released. Running on Android platforms and providing Penta reliability, this is the affordable line of entry-level tablets that you might just want to get mobile for the very first time.
Are You Ready to Experience the Power of BSNL Penta?
The hallmark of the BSNL Penta tablet is the combination of power efficiency and high performance. You'll find that in all of their models, although one of the best examples is the IS703C. It comes equipped with a Cortex A8 processor that gives it 50% more power than other tablets in this price class. It also comes equipped with 8GB of internal memory that you can expand up to 32GB so that all of your favorite apps, music, and videos can be stored in one convenient place.
Another feature that makes the BSNL Penta line of tablets a fantastic investment is the quality of their touch screens. With strong resolution capabilities, a smooth screen that is resistant to those oily fingerprints that so many other screens leave, and a front and back camera on many models to allow for video call connectivity, you'll get all of the options you love having with a mobile device for a fraction of the price of other brand names.
If you're ready to have more mobile connectivity, then BSNL Penta has a tablet that is just right for you! They are one of the best options for everyone because there is a tablet available for every budget.
What Makes a BSNL Penta Tablet Better?
You could look at the price to gauge that these tablets are better, but you can also look at the wide range of connectivity options that BSNL Penta offers. You've got 3G options for when you're away from a Wi-Fi network. There's high speed connectivity thanks to the plug and play interface with which the tablets are equipped. This is all designed to make sure that you can do more than just surf the internet or check your email. 
You'll also find that the numbers of pre-loaded apps that come with a BSNL Penta tablet are better than what most competitors can offer at this price range. There's the usual social networking options like Twitter and Facebook, but you've also got options to surf the internet via Google Chrome or spend a few moments playing games like Angry Birds. Download even more thanks to access to the Google Play app.
Featuring prices you can afford and technology that you want, a BSNL Penta tablet must be considered when shopping for a new mobile device. If you're ready to discover which T-Pad is right for you, then take a look at all of the options that are available and in stock right now for you!
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BSNL Penta IS701X Tablet

BSNL Penta IS701X

Android v4.4 (KitKat)
1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor
512 MB RAM
8 GB Internal Memory
3000 mAh Battery
Rs. 2,999/-
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BSNL Penta Tablet Price List in India 2018

BSNL Penta Tablet Model Name Price
BSNL Penta IS701X Rs. 2,999/-