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Swipe 3D Life Plus Tablet
Rs. 2,499/-
Vox V93 Tablet
Rs. 2,559/-
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Popular Tablets

BSNL Penta IS701X Tablet

BSNL Penta IS701X

Rs. 2,299/-
Datawind UbiSlate VidyaTab Tablet

Datawind UbiSlate VidyaTab

Rs. 2,190/-
From 5 Stores
Datawind UbiSlate 7W Tablet

Datawind UbiSlate 7W

Rs. 2,899/-
From 3 Stores
Swipe MTV Slash Tablet

Swipe MTV Slash

Rs. 3,080/-
From 2 Stores
BSNL Penta 83AAQ1 Tablet

BSNL Penta 83AAQ1

Rs. 6,599/-
From 2 Stores
Datawind UbiSlate 7CZ Tablet

Datawind UbiSlate 7CZ

Rs. 3,090/-
From 3 Stores
Ambrane A-7 Plus Duo Tablet

Ambrane A-7 Plus Duo

Rs. 2,699/-
I Kall N9 Tablet

I Kall N9

Rs. 3,499/-
From 5 Stores

Latest Tablets

Alcatel Pixi 4 7-inch 4G Tablet

Alcatel Pixi 4 7-inch 4G

Rs. 6,999/-
Alcatel Pixi 4 7-inch Wi-Fi Tablet

Alcatel Pixi 4 7-inch Wi-Fi

Rs. 4,499/-
Swipe Razor Tablet

Swipe Razor

Rs. 4,999/-
Apple iPad 2017 with Wi-Fi 128GB Tablet

Apple iPad 2017 with Wi-Fi 128GB

Rs. 31,890/-
From 3 Stores
I Kall N9 Tablet

I Kall N9

Rs. 3,499/-
From 5 Stores
Apple iPad 2017 with Wi-Fi 32GB Tablet

Apple iPad 2017 with Wi-Fi 32GB

Rs. 28,400/-
From 4 Stores
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Modern tablets have the ability to mimic what a laptop or traditional PC can do through a useful series of apps and add-on features. With a wireless keyboard, you can turn virtually any tablet into a mobile computing station that will let you get all of your work or study needs done quickly and efficiently! The modern tablet can also connect to a mobile connection and provide you with everything from GPS services to weather updates to booking tickets for an upcoming flight.
If you're looking to save money, yet still receive full computing power, a tablet might be the right purchase to make for you. What tablet is the best to get? And what features should you look to get with your new tablet?
What Features Should You Look For in the Modern Tablet? 
The first feature you'll want to think about as you compare and contrast tablets is the operating system. There are four basic O/S options you have today:
Apple iOS. This operating system is exclusively on all Apple products and is on all mobile technology from this manufacturer, such as the iPad or iPhone. It often provides the best user experience for ease of access to all of your data.
Google Android. Smartphones and tablets utilize this very popular operating system and its advantage is that you can customize your experience more than the other options. The feel is the same as the iOS, but accessing anything but the mobile internet can be difficult on this platform.
Microsoft Windows. Some tablets are running Windows and this is a good O/S to have if you want cross-platform compatibility. You'll be able to quickly transfer files and use your tablet like a mobile computer without a problem.
Blackberry. If you have a Blackberry phone, then a Blackberry tablet makes sense to own because the two are fully compatible. You'll find that it won't be very compatible with other platforms, however, so tread carefully with this option.
Memory is also an important consideration. Tablets can have an internal data storage of just 1GB, but it can be as high as 500GB in some specialty, high-end products. If you plan on storing music, photos, and videos on your tablet, invest in the higher amount of storage.
What About the Screen Size and Its Resolution?
Tablets range in size from about 5 inches to a max size of about 12 inches. Some people even call the small tablets a “phablet” because they are basically an oversized smartphone. Large screens are useful for gaming, video streaming, and professional applications. Most people enjoy a tablet that's about 7 or 8 inches because it is still convenient to hold and use while traveling, but still provides a good eBook or video viewing experiences. 
USB connectivity is also important if you're looking to expand your data storage or transfer information between platforms securely. Not all tablets have a USB port, so compare each tablet before purchasing it to select the best one possible.
With the best tablets at the best prices, you'll find that the shopping experience you have today will help you select the right piece of technology to meet all of your needs. Select your preferred product and begin the comparison process right now!