The All New InFocus Bingo 10 is the World’s Cheapest Android Marshmallow Smartphone

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As we had explained in a previous post, US company InFocus Corporation has plans to expand its Bingo series of smartphones and in accordance with those plans the company recently launched the InFocus Bingo 50. Now InFocus has launched another phone – the InFocus Bingo 10 – to further add to its Bingo series arsenal.

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Here is a quick tour of the specs on board the InFocus Bingo 10.

Specifications – InFocus Bingo 10

The Bingo 10 has a 4.5 inch display and boasts of a 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor. The phone comes with a 1 GB RAM and an internal storage capacity of 8 GB which is expandable up to 32 GB via a microSD card. The Bingo 10 will sport identical 5 megapixel cameras at the rear as well as the front. Both cameras support LED flash while the primary camera has the added advantages of autofocus and 4x digital zoom.

Interestingly, the dual SIM phone does not support 4G connectivity, a trait which is becoming increasingly rare for a modern smartphone in 2016, irrespective of the price segment that a phone may cater to. Given its dimensions and form factor it is not surprising that the Bingo 10 weighs a mere 140 grams. The battery capacity of the InFocus Bingo 10 is a respectable 2000 mAh giving the phone enough lasting ability.

The InFocus Bingo 10 is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS but much like other modern smartphone brands InFocus has built a UI on top of Android to give its devices a different look and feel. The phone uses the company’s proprietary InLife UI 2.0.

The Bingo 10 is world’s cheapest Android Marshmallow smartphone

One interesting bit of news about the Bingo 10 is that it is being marketed as the world’s cheapest Android Marshmallow smartphone. Does that matter? Yes.

Marshmallow is the official name of the Android latest OS version – Android 6.0. You may be familiar with Android’s interesting history of nomenclature. Google likes to name Android versions based on names of some of the most popular desserts from around the world, but that is not why the Bingo 10 will sell millions of units.

InFocus Bingo 10

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As InFocus’ country head Sachin Thapar pointed out – Android Marshmallow currently owns only about 2.3 percent of the Android market. The company is also marketing the Bingo 10 as a phone targeted towards the younger generation of smartphone users.

For most smartphone users, the wait to own a device with latest Android operating system (OS) could be eternal. As per Google’s report, till date, only 2.3 percent of the Android smartphone is on Marshmallow.

– Sachin Thapar, country head, InFocus India

So if you buy a Bingo 10 you will certainly get to own an Android Marshmallow phone at the earliest. Mr. Thapar further states goes on to add why the Android Marshmallow tag is relevant to the Bingo 10.

With InFocus Bingo 10, we want everyone to be able to get the taste of Marshmallow, which is still seen as a preserve of high-end smartphones. InFocus BINGO 10 is our endeavour to cater to the core needs of age group of 15-24 years and it perfectly complements their style quotient with attractive color frames and superior design quality.

– Sachin Thapar

The Bingo 10 is certainly a great phone that will appeal to the youth. It is also true that there isn’t a smartphone today that boasts of the latest Android OS – Marshmallow – and is also priced less than Rs. 5,000. If you look at the current crop of smartphones from a wide variety of brands it is apparent that cheaper hardware and latest Android OS have never gone hand in hand. Therefore, the InFocus’ claims are well worth paying attention to.

Only time will tell whether this will lead to other brands opting to offer Marshmallow and future Android OSes with cheaper smartphones or not. As of now it is hard to deny that the Bingo 10 is a novelty in its own little way.

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