Microsoft Opens Wallet to Extend Internet in Remote Areas

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About Microsoft :

If you use Computer, Laptop or Mobile Phones then there is no need to tell, What Microsoft is and what it does? Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates & Paul Allen. It has its headquarter in Microsoft Redmond campus, Redmond, Washington, United States and offers high quality services across all over the world. Its basically a Computer Software company which also offers products like Microsoft Computer Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Servers, Skype, Microsoft Visual Studio, Dynamics, Azure, Xbox Games, Mobile Phones & Smart Phone, MSN, Bing Search Engine, One Drive, MSDN,, TechNet etc. If you have more quires then for more details about Microsoft you can visit

Internet Service :

Now days everything is available online no matter it is travel tickets, household products, education, information, news and almost everything of your need. The thing which you need to have all the world at your finger tips is “Internet”. We all know about Internet is the thing which allows us to connect with the whole world easily. In big cities there are many high speed internet service providers but when its about remote areas then there are no networks thus internet services are almost not reachable there. Microsoft now has decided to make the internet service reach in all these remote areas.

Microsoft Opens Wallet to Extend Internet in Remote Areas :

Microsoft has now joined the group of other technical giants (Like Google and Facebook) who all are working to provide Internet Services in remote areas of the whole world. Microsoft has announced that it will give cash and free software of $75000 approximately which to help small start ups. The thing behind this approach is that local organizations can easily understand the specific needs as well as other things of their areas. The help from Microsoft will allows all the local start ups to fulfill all the local needs easily. There are 12 grants announced by Microsoft some of which are like Delivery of Internet Services over Unused TV Channels (White Space) in Maine, Distribution of Solar Kiosks in Rawanda, Free Internet Software to Remote Area Schools in India, Operations of Wifi Hotspot in Philippines, Mobile Apps to Help Farmers in Argentina etc. Microsoft also supports the works which are meant to educate people about latest technology in Africa. In this supporting approach of Microsoft, the firm has decided to support minimum 20 projects in 15 countries across the glob till 2017.

In this field the rivals of Microsoft (Google & Facebook) are using expensive Satellites, Drones, Balloons etc to provide internet but Microsoft is offering its help to local start ups due to this fact that the start ups can easily provide the internet and Software Services in their local areas. After this announcement of Microsoft, Technology Firms are very excited as the internet connectivity will definitely provide boost to all businesses. When this initiative from Micorsoft will be well placed on the ground then the first thing which will take place is “The Improvement in Lifestyle in Rural Areas” that will finally lead to the improvement of all things.

Microsoft has conducted a survey which told them that about 57% of the whole world is offline (No Internet Connectivity Area). Result of this survey lead Microsoft to take this initiative as all its rivals are offering their services at high level with huge cost. This fact will surprise you that this initiative from Microsoft will provide internet benefits to around 4.2 billion people across all over the world. This internet connectivity will definitely improve life style and standard of all these people.

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