iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus having touch /display issues all over the globe!

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As per the many notices to the phenomena of touch response issues in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that have been reported in by the users in the Apple forums and many third party repairing firms and organizations, wherein it is stated that a grey colored flickering sort of band can be seen on the top of the display and which also accompanies some mighty touch response failures or disruptions!

And established DIY website of repairing and review of technology, iFixit has posted up a blog that has so many recounts of complaints of these touch related huge issues from a huge amount of third party repairing firms, so much so that they renamed this issues as a “Touch Disease’!

The post points pages and pages of these complaints on the support forums of the Cupertino’ giant and yet even after so many complaints and notices, Apple refuses to acknowledge or even address to these issues thus leaving many of its user very disgruntled.

According to complaints, ‘No matter how much you try the gray flickering sort of band does not leave your display screen and soon makes the whole device go kaput completely and when you take those devices and complaints to the Apple stores all they do is replace your set if you have the warranty and if you don’t they don’t even “recognize the problem” and thus cannot provide a solution.’

Jessa Jones from the iPad’s Rehab and iFixit’s Micro Soldering expert detailed in the blog posts that the problem may have arisen due to a flawed design of the touch sense controller chip and the way it may have been fused to the phone’s logic board.

Since Apple very annoyingly refuses to even address this problem, iFixit advises those people without the warranty period to take their sets to the third party repair shops and get them fixed by replacing the logic board or by replacing the Touch ICs on the logic board; these might be the only solution.

This “epidemic” is not supposed to cause any trouble in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus because Apple had fixed those structure issues on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 that were the reason causing all the problem, those same problems that caused the controversy of Bendgate.

Jones explained to the visitors about the problem’s rising by this statement, “compared to earlier iPhone models, the iPhone 6/6+ is kind of a ‘bendy’ phone. Its slim form factor and larger surface area subject the logic board within the phone to mechanical flexion pressure that no other iPhone has had to deal with.”

The Final Countdown:-

1. Apparently the touch issue stems from a flawed control chip design
2. The only resolve is to go to a third party repair firm
3. Apple is not acknowledging to the complaints of its users in any way

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