HP EliteBook 1030 with up to 16 GB RAM and an All-metal Design Launched

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While the laptop business in India has taken a hit in the last couple of years HP is one brand that has managed to do relatively well compared to its competitors. The HP Pavillion series is a bit of a success story in its own right and the convertible laptops from the company seem to find favor with millenials.

Now the iconic computer maker has unveiled its latest laptop in its EliteBook series. It’s called the HP EliteBook 1030. Let’s take a quick look at the specifications on this laptop.

Specifications – HP EliteBook 1030

The company has previously launched the HP EliteBook 1020 and EliteBook 1040 models so no prizes for guessing that the EliteBook 1030 was always on the cards. The EliteBook 1030 comes with a 13.3 inch screen and is available in 2 variants. The first is a regular full-HD display that you would expect from an HP laptop and the second is a quad-HD touchscreen display.

The laptop has a 1.1 GHz sixth-generation Intel Core M processor and a 512 GB HDD capacity. The RAM on the laptop goes up to 16 GB depending on the variant you buy. The laptop comes with an HD web camera, a premium keyboard, and a standard ClickPad. One cool feature about the back-lit keyboard is that it is spill resistant. Everybody wants a spill resistant keyboard for their laptops so kudos to HP on getting this right.

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While the HP EliteBook 1030 has a few things going for it, including the design of the laptop, there is little doubt about what the USP of this product is. It is the battery on the laptop. The company claims that the battery on the HP EliteBook 1030 can last up to 13 hours. That is definitely a USP, especially for a market like India. Here in India we like gadgets that charge fast, last long, and cost cheap. The Indian market, along with the Chinese, is largely responsible for compelling smartphone and laptop makers to adopt the quality-product-for-a-cheap-price strategy.

Some other noteworthy features on the EliteBook 1030 are a USB Type C port, two micro-USB 3.0 ports, and all the standard connectivity options that you would expect from a modern computing device.


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On the design front HP is billing this laptop as one with a fanless design. The laptop’s screen is protected from accidental damages thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 technology but it is the all metal design of the laptop that will make heads turn.

The PC market is vulnerable in India right now but HP is hanging on

According to the latest report on PC market in India by IDC, the PC shipments experienced a decline of 20.8% Q-o-Q and 7.8% Y-o-Y. While the market share of most other brands declined HP managed to reclaim its top spot by gaining a market share of 1.2% Q-o-Q and reaching an overall market share of 25.6% of which 25.1% was accounted for by its PC business.

HP’s two major competitors in India, Dell and Lenovo both suffered a decline Q-o-Q. However, they did manage reasonably good returns on a Y-o-Y basis. But that leaves HP as the only top vendor to gain momentum Q-o-Q when everyone is struggling to hang on. Surely, it seems to me, the HP EliteBook 1030 will do HP no harm and will help push their market share further north in the second half of 2016.

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