5 Lead Generation Strategies That Online Brands Must Not Ignore!

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You run an online business. You have a great website. Now you need a marketing strategy. And your marketing strategy better involve effective lead generation strategies because if you don’t generate sufficient leads you may be out of business before you can spell success.

Let’s not let that happen. Here are 5 amazing lead generation strategies that you must implement. When executed well, these will help catapult your business to the heights it deserves.

Create the best CTA (Call-to-action) driven landing pages

It always helps to have a landing page that looks like a plausible extension of your advertisement or optimized search result, but it takes more than a jazzy landing page to convince customers to spend their hard-earned dollars. The most important attribute of a landing page is its call-to-action.


In a hurry to implement a landing page which looks good and loads fast, both of which are good, a lot of business owners forget that the only way to generate a lead and eventually make a sale is to give the customer an action to perform. This CTA must be easy to access and what it essentially does is keeping the potential customer engaged.

A CTA also allows a customer to make a quicker purchase decision without having to forcibly process multiple paragraphs of text or a longish video pitch. Not all customers want to read or watch your elaborate description of the product or service. Chances are that a lot of them came to your landing page just to carry on with the purchase process. Therefore, an effective CTA goes a long way in generating leads for your business.

Offers galore!

The strategy of offers never gets old. Customers look for offers. They will never shy away from a good offerThis strategy works better than customizing your landing pages over and over again. Like I mentioned earlier, it helps to have a good looking landing page but that doesn’t bring you conversions. All that brings you are curious eyes, which are good as long as they don’t bounce-off your page after a quick glance.


Offers catch attention. It also helps to change your offers around from time to time because that keeps customers interested.

Allow customers to opt-in

The opt-in strategy is a brilliant way to help your customers make a decision. You can create opt-ins as pop-up boxes or boxes that appear in the sidebar, but the better strategy is generally to use opt-ins as pop-up boxes and to use them in numbers.

Opt-ins should be simple

But simply using a ton of similar opt-ins might not be very helpful. Customize your opt-ins according to what purpose they serve. For example, an opt-in pop-up when a customer lands on your blog should have a welcome message while an opt-in pop-up box once a customer is finished reading the blog post should be one that asks a customer to visit again or opt-in to receive future blog posts if they liked what they just read. Opt-ins with context serve better than opt-ins with redundant content.

Remarketing holds the keys to many closed doors

In a previous post I had briefly touched upon the importance of remarketing while building an e-commerce business. Remarketing and the sheer number of channels that can be used to utilize it have changed the landscape of online marketing.


You must use remarketing to reach customers that didn’t make a purchase or in a marketer’s language – only contributed to your website’s bounce rate. Reaching these customers is important. Wading through a plethora of products on a website is not easy and customers may miss out on something they could potentially want to buy. This is where remarketing helps. It is also used to incite a customer into considering a product they may not have thought of buying previously. This is done by tracking their previous purchases or search results.

Utilize the power of social lead generation

Social lead generation is more relevant today than most other online lead generation mechanisms. Social media is generally considered by brands a great way to promote themselves. Well, there is more to social media than just brand promotion.

In this age of social media, advertisements are not all that make a customer aware of a product or a service. People trust their friends’ recommendation of a product more than they trust a brand’s recommendation. This is because their friends are likely to recommend them the very best product as opposed to a brand, which might recommend a product simply to make a sale. It’s essential that brands take cognizance of this new phenomenon and use social lead generation their advantage.

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