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Sharp AC

Price List in India as on 1st December 2015
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Air Conditioner Price Range
Upto Rs.20000
Rs.20001 - Rs.30000
Rs.30001 - Rs.45000
Rs.45001 - Rs.60000
Above Rs.60000
Split AC
Window AC
Portable AC
Cassette AC
Upto 1 Ton
1 Ton - 2 Ton
Above 2 Ton
Star Energy Rating
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Popular Sharp Air Conditioners
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Sharp AFA18PT Air Conditioner

Sharp AFA18PT

Window AC
1.5 Ton Capacity
2 Star Rating
x x Size
Rs. 21,777/-
Sharp AH-X13PET Air Conditioner

Sharp AH-X13PET

Split AC
1.1 Ton Capacity
920 mm x 290 mm x 240 mm Size
Rs. 35,241/-
Sharp AH-X18PET Air Conditioner

Sharp AH-X18PET

Split AC
1.5 Ton Capacity
965 mm x 313 mm x 250 mm Size
Rs. 42,636/-
Sharp AH-X15RET Air Conditioner

Sharp AH-X15RET

Split AC
1.25 Ton Capacity
4 Star Rating
840 mm x 319 mm x 840 mm Size
Rs. 41,990/-
Sharp AH-XP13NRV Air Conditioner

Sharp AH-XP13NRV

Split AC
1.1 Ton Capacity
920 mm x 290 mm x 240 mm Size
Rs. 41,500/-
Sharp AH-XP15RET Air Conditioner

Sharp AH-XP15RET

Split AC
1.25 Ton Capacity
920 mm x 290 mm x 240 mm Size
Rs. 44,490/-
Sharp AH-XP18PHT Air Conditioner

Sharp AH-XP18PHT

Split AC
1.5 Ton Capacity
965 mm x 313 mm x 250 mm Size
Rs. 54,990/-
Experience the Proven Cooling Dependability of a Sharp Air Conditioner
If you're ready to enjoy a definite level of savings, then you're ready to enjoy what a Sharp air conditioner could bring to your home. You should have to let your power bill take away the money you've worked so hard to earn just so you can stay cool! With a window AC or split AC option provided by Sharp, you'll get the high star energy ratings you need and the cooling comfort that you want. Compare Sharp to Carrier air conditioners, Haier, or Blue Star and the savings adds up. In 10 years, you could save over Rs. 181000 by installing a Sharp air conditioner today!
How Does Sharp Save So Much Energy?
Sharp air conditioners provide even temperature control and that’s a reputation you'll find in all of their products. With a super quiet operation and even cooling so that there is a continuous level of comfort, the heart of the savings and temperature control a Sharp air conditioner provides comes from plasmacluster ion technology. This gives you faster cooling and fresher air almost immediately within your home.
Sharp air conditioners also maintain a room temperature more efficiently thanks to Coanda technology. Instead of having a split AC that blows air out directly at you and at your floor, a Sharp air conditioner spreads the air along the ceiling so that it can then sink and displace the hot air in a room. This is similar to O General air conditioners, so make sure to compare makes and models today so that you can select the perfect air conditioner for your home.
Sharp window AC options are also equally energy efficient for their design and will provide you with up to 1.5 tonnes of capacity. These window units do have auto restart features and offer dry and cool modes so that you get the perfect cooling experience each and every time. Although a window AC will often be louder and less energy efficient than a split AC, you'll discover that even a Sharp window AC can destroy the competition when it comes to energy savings! Discover the perfect air conditioner from Sharp today!
Invest Into a Sharp Split AC and Get Eco-Friendly R410A
Many air conditioners today use R22 coolant in order to providing cooling comfort to a home. You'll find that in IFB air conditioners, Azure air conditioners, and in major brands like Whirlpool and LG. If you choose to invest into a modern split AC from Sharp, however, you'll be able to transition to using a more eco-friendly refrigerant in R410A. This allows you to run your air conditioner longer, experience a full 10 months of comfort if needed, and still have a hygienic atmosphere in your home every day.
Are you ready to improve the temperature in your home today? Then upgrade to a Sharp air conditioner model that will meet all of your needs! Compare and contrast models today so that you can find the energy star rating and features that you need to stay cool on the warmest of days without having to spend all of your money in order to do so.
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