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Byond Tablet

Price List in India as on 25th November 2015
Tablet Brands
BSNL Penta Tablet
iBall Tablet
Micromax Tablet
Swipe Tablet
Lenovo Tablet
Datawind Tablet
Samsung Tablet
Lava Tablet
Dell Tablet
Ambrane Tablet
Vox Tablet
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Byond Tablet
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iberry Tablet
Huawei Tablet
WishTel Tablet
Adcom Tablet
Devante Tablet
XOLO Tablet
Fujezone Tablet
Olive Tablet
ICEX Tablet
Tablet Series
Laplet Series
Mi-Book Series
Operating System
Tablet in Price Range
Upto Rs.5000
Rs.5001 - Rs.10000
Rs.10001 - Rs.15000
Rs.15001 - Rs.25000
Above Rs.25000
Internal Storage
Upto 4 GB
8 GB
16 GB
32 GB
64 GB
128 GB
Primary Camera
Upto 2 MP
2 MP - 5 MP
Above 5 MP
Memory (RAM)
256 MB
512 MB
1 GB
2 GB
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Popular Byond Tablets
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Byond Mi-Book Mi5 Tablet

Byond Mi-Book Mi5

Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
1.2 GHz Processor
512 MB RAM
8 GB Internal Memory
TFT LCD Capacitive Touchscreen
3000 mAh Battery
Rs. 3,999/-
Byond Laplet L1+ Tablet

Byond Laplet L1+

Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
1.2 GHz Processor
512 MB RAM
4 GB Internal Memory
Capacitive Touch Screen
3200 mAh Battery
Rs. 2,999/-
About Byond Tablets

Though only recently founded, Byond is becoming one of the biggest players in India’s mobile phone industry. Their technology, however, is not restricted just to Byond mobile phones. With full range mobile devices, including tablets, they are one of the major innovators in the field, believing that technology should solve problems and provide entertainment, not just simply exist.

For this reason, their technologies are improved with purpose, to create a better user experience, without ruining the aesthetic of the electronic itself. Byond tablets draw on the innovations of the mobile phones and improve upon them for a supremely useful device.

Features of Byond Tablets

There are a wide variety of Byond tablets, and therefore a wide variety of features. Most run a version of Android, the newest ones equipped with the KitKat 4.4 operating system. All have a superfast processor, using the most advance processors for the tablet industry.

Other features include improved memory & storage. Many tablets come standard with 4 GB, but there are plenty of tablets that have even better memory, up the 8 or even 16GB.  Extended battery life, so that the tablet can be used for hours without running down is one of the major features of Byond tablets. They also have great displays, in a range of sizes, some in the “phablet” range, and others straying more towards the “laplet” category.

Many of the Byond tablets have a camera, so that you can take great, crystal clear pictures, and all come with internet connectivity, to surf the web and make full use of the range of apps available on these tablets.

How to Pick a Byond Tablet

Picking a tablet will largely come down to how large or small you want it to be. Many people want a smaller device, finding that they can store and transport it more easily than a larger tablet. These tablets are, however, equipped with less functionality. A larger tablet provides for better reading, internet surfing, and video watching.

Aside from the size of the tablet, you have a number of different designs to choose from. Byond prides them on innovative design. Finding one that you like will not be difficult. Start by deciding how large of device you want and then choosing one with the right storage and battery life capabilities. Smaller devices may have longer battery lives, but larger devices are more functional.

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