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Aakash Tablets

 Price List in India as on 5th September 2015
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Primary Camera
Upto 2 MP
2 MP - 5 MP
Above 5 MP
Memory (RAM)
256 MB
512 MB
1 GB
2 GB
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Aakash Tablets

A division of Ubisalte, Aakash is uniquely positioned in the market. They have partnered with many universities and governments in India in order to put their products in the hands of students that desperately need technology in order to complete their studies. This line of tablets is now more than three years old, with new versions entering the market every year and many being funneled right into the hands of students that need them the most.

Aakash is a low-cost solution to the problem of expensive technology. Unlike some companies, they do not gouge their customers for money in order to get a functional electronic. Special pricing may exist for students, but non-students still have access to the tablet, at a higher price.

What to Expect with Aakash Tablets

When it comes to Aakash tablets, you can expect to get a functional, durable piece of equipment that will allow you to access the internet, download apps, and even use a word processing functionality. These tablets are intended to be adequate stand-ins for individuals that cannot afford to purchase a full-sized computer but still want all of the benefits of a full-sized computer.

Aakash does not produce multiple different kinds of tablets, but, instead, a single tablet that fits a wide variety of customers’ needs. Their focus is on creating low-cost alternatives to other technology options, and they have definitely done that with this tablet. What it lacks in flash or flare, it makes up for in features, running an Android operating system, and memory & storage that features 4 GB of internal storage and 512 MB of RAM.

The battery is a 3200 mAh battery, which provides great longevity, so that the device is extremely portable. The processor is a 1 GHz Cortex A8 model, which gives you plenty of power and even supports internet connectivity. The one feature that it is lacking is a camera. The display is about seven inches.

Why Purchase Aakash Tablets

When you purchase an Aakash tablet, you are not just purchasing a functional device that will definitely make your life easier. You are also purchasing from a company that helps struggling students get the resources that they need in order to succeed. This company is helping to improve the lives of Indian students, lifting them out of poverty and really making a change to improve the economy at large.

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